Social Science

A list of concentrations in the Division of Social Science


By the most common definition, anthropology is the study of human diversity in the distant past and the present and, as such, teaches us to recognize the remarkable array of circumstances in which human beings live their lives and make meaning from them. 

Read more about Anthropology

East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary concentration that seeks to develop a critical understanding of the human experience in East Asia. A concentrator develops language skills, participates in a series… Read more about East Asian Studies


Economics is at once broad in its subject matter and unified in its approach to understanding the social world. The Harvard Economics Department aims to teach undergraduate students the basic principles of economics, … Read more about Economics


Of all the social sciences, political science has perhaps the least definite boundaries and the most adventurous border crossers.  Because it concerns itself with power in all of its many forms and consequences… Read more about Government


History is more than just the study of the past; it examines how societies, people, and nature actually functioned in the past and in turn, how that context affects the present. Our faculty’s courses enable… Read more about History


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind. Observing, experimenting, and analyzing human and other minds is our focus.  How we do this varies greatly.  We can, of course, look at the brain itself to understand the mind and we increasingly do so, and new technologies allow.  … Read more about Psychology*

Social Studies

Social Studies is a great concentration for students who are interested in studying a social science topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. We offer small tutorials, one-on-one advising, and a vibrant and supportive intellectual community. … Read more about Social Studies


Sociology is the study of society, of the social frameworks within which we live our lives. It is a study of social life at every level, from two-person relationships to the rise and fall of nations and… Read more about Sociology