Mind, Brain, and Behavior**

Knowledge about mind, brain, and behavior has expanded exponentially in recent years. We have experienced a growing excitement about the possibility that complex domains of mental function and behavior will soon be susceptible to scientific elucidation. Important findings have arisen from traditional disciplines of inquiry, and indeed these traditional disciplines have proven remarkably successful at expanding knowledge. These successes, however, also bring into relief the limits of disciplinary inquiry, and the critical importance of interdisciplinary links and developments, bringing to the fore new technologies and theories. The Mind/Brain/Behavior Interfaculty Initiative (MBB) was established twenty years ago to help bring the perspectives of neuroscience into sustained and constructive dialogue with those of other natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. MBB Website

In its undergraduate programs, MBB brings together a diverse group of faculty from Harvard’s different schools and disciplines, and has taken advantage of the intellectual innovations possible in new combinations of these traditional disciplines. In addition to the MBB tracks that allow students to integrate the study of mind/brain/behavior with their concentration studies and pursue a research focus to their studies, MBB offers a secondary field for students from any concentration who may wish to integrate their MBB interests with their concentration but without a research focus, or who may wish to study mind/brain/behavior largely independently from their concentration. We welcome students from any concentration to our secondary field.