Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature welcomes students who are interested in studying literature in more than one national and linguistic tradition, students who want to explore literature in relation to other arts and media (e.g., film, music, visual art), and students who seek to formulate an individualized program of study within the arts and humanities. 
Each Comp Lit student designs, with the guidance of a tutor in the program, a course of study that is centered around a core of courses and one-on-one tutorials that reflects the student’s particular areas of interest. Recent students in Comp Lit have focused their studies on fields as far-ranging as Literature and Music, 20th century French literature and film, the graphic novel, translation studies, literature and neurobiology, and contemporary Arabic and Hebrew narrative, to name but a few. Students who thrive in Comp Lit generally have interests in a number of different disciplines and fields within the Humanities and beyond. They also tend to be self-motivated, intellectually adventurous and edgy, and ready to engage in deep thinking about literature and culture.  Department Website