History and Science

History and Science is an interdisciplinary field of study. The program offers students a variety of opportunities to expand their understanding of the scientific enterprise, to explore in detail how science has developed in history, and how science has shaped other human activities. Students are challenged to ask big questions about science, medicine, and technology, and their place in human societies across time. How do scientists come to know things about the natural world? Why should we believe what they tell us? What are some social, ethical, political and religious implications of science? How do they affect the way people in different times and places live their lives?  Students focus on many topics and time periods, from Darwinism to modern biotechnology, medieval understandings of women’s bodies to modern computing. At the same time, through the tutorial program, all students are taught skills of advanced source analysis, independent research, and academic writing which both prepares them to write a senior thesis, if they wish, and sets them up to succeed in a wide range of graduate programs and careers after college, from consulting to law school to medical school.  Department Website
By taking a combination of courses from our department and also outside of it, students can learn how sciences as diverse as theoretical physics and economics interact with other areas of culture such as literature, film, art, or government.