History and Literature

History & Literature is the study of ideas in context. A rigorous honors concentration built on student-centered tutorials and individualized advising, History and Literature balances structure and flexibility.Designed for students who want to take charge of their education, History & Literature trains students in the study of more than one discipline, more than one language, more than one nation, more than one culture, and more than one century. Join our close-knit community of students, scholars, artists, and critics who want to do more with the humanities. Harvard’s oldest concentration, History & Literature was introduced to offer students a focused, interdisciplinary program of study. History & Literature concentrators take courses across the college in their areas of interest. The possibilities are endless, which is why we offer a robust system of academic advising to help you identify your priorities and ensure that your plan of study is rigorous, combining coursework in various disciplines. By the senior year, History & Literature concentrators are prepared to write prize-winning senior theses based on original research.  Department Website