European History, Politics, and Societies (EHPS)**

The secondary field in European History, Politics, and Societies (EHPS) offers students the opportunity to engage in the foundational study of this region from an interdisciplinary perspective. The requirements of the field are based on the principle that a nuanced understanding of modern Europe comes from a program of study which integrates various academic disciplines rather than focusing on an isolated subject.

This secondary field is offered by the Center for European Studies (CES), which is the home of Europe at Harvard, and the locus of innovative research on European history and contemporary affairs. The Center’s 12 resident faculty members from four social science departments and 40 non-resident faculty affiliates from FAS and Harvard’s professional schools offer over 120 courses on Europe in a broad range of disciplines.

In addition to coursework on modern Europe, CES provides Harvard College students with the opportunity for funded research and internships. Its faculty and staff offer critical guidance in defining a multidisciplinary program of study that corresponds to students’ individual intellectual interests and complements their chosen concentrations. The Center typically organizes over 150 events involving more than 300 speakers from academia, politics and public affairs each year. These events are forums which allow students to probe both scholarly and practical questions and add an important dimension to their classroom learning.