“We like books,” explains Professor Stephen Burt, Director of Undergraduate Studies. “We also like collections of letters and manuscripts and recitations of poems and stage plays. We even like tweets and sometimes films and videos. We study all of those things in their contexts. We study what goes on inside them, and we look at the people who made and continue to make them.” The undergraduate program introduces students to the full breadth of imaginative literature written in the English language from the eighth century to its more recent dispersal around the globe. Whether engaged with literary giants such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickinson, Keats, and Woolf or in exploration of less famous authors, students in the English program have a rare opportunity to combine aesthetic pleasure, intellectual stimulation, and ethical deliberation in their plan of study. Concentrators explore the discipline by way of our three Common Ground classes, in addition to seminars, tutorials, workshops, lecture courses.  Department Website