ClassicsThe Department of the Classics offers its students the opportunity to explore the whole range of Greco-Roman civilization from the Bronze Age through Byzantium and medieval Europe to Modern Greece.

Its faculty provide instruction in all the major areas of classical studies, including language and linguistics, literature, archaeology, history, philosophy, and religion. Joint concentrations are welcomed in the conviction that Classics lies at the root of many important academic fields.  Department Website

Two concentration options are offered within the department: (1) Classical Languages and Literatures, for students wishing to emphasize the study of Greek and Latin literature in the original languages, and (2) Classical Civilizations, for those primarily interested in exploring the connections between Greco-Roman culture and disciplines such as archaeology, history, and philosophy. Concentrators in both tracks are required to acquire knowledge of Greek or Latin, or both, but neither track presumes any prior knowledge of these languages. Both may be pursued as joint concentrations with other departments.