Chemistry is both a basic science, fundamental to an understanding of the world we live in, and a practical science with an enormous number and variety of important applications.  Knowledge of chemistry is fundamental to an understanding of biology and biochemistry and of certain aspects of geology, astronomy, physics, and engineering.  Department Website

"Why study Chemistry at Harvard? There are two general factors that make a Harvard chemistry undergraduate education truly unique and potentially transformative: having the opportunity for valuable interactions with thought leaders and pioneers of chemistry and having a guide to help you navigate the rich, and perhaps daunting, resources of Harvard Chemistry.  In my three years here, I’ve found the Professors accessible and attentive; all my interactions with chemistry faculty, as a whole, have been influential; this is all in large part a result of excellent mentoring. I’ve never felt lost in the sea of potential chemistry courses or completely unsure in terms of how to approach a research opportunity." (Senior Chemistry Concentrator, David Jaramillo)

"I think the faculty are one of the biggest strengths of the undergrad chemistry experience-- they are so excited about what they do, and invested in sharing their passion for chemistry with students. I have also found that students tend to be really into the classes, which makes for a more upbeat class experience." (Senior Chemistry Concentrator, Jen Guidera)

"In many ways, chemistry at Harvard is taught like a language rather than a collection of unlinked facts. It is in- credibly gratifying to approach a test having memorized very little but be able to puzzle solve your way through all the problems." (Senior Chemistry Concentrator, Ellie Lin)