Celtic Languages and Literatures**

Harvard is one of the only universities in North America where you can explore the culture, literature, history and languages of the Celtic-speaking peoples. A secondary field in Celtic will introduce you to a vibrant and varied subject that encompasses literatures and languages from medieval to contemporary. Some students take a broad interest in the Celtic cultures, others in Celtic folklore and mythology, and some in the Celtic languages and literatures of Ireland, Scotland, or Wales. We teach some of the classics of the Celtic literatures in English translation but we also offer instruction in the original linguistically-significant languages, both medieval and modern. These languages now receive unparalleled support in their home countries, making this an ideal, vital, and exciting time to engage with them. Irish literature with its tales of kings, heroes, saints and fantastical beings is the oldest vernacular literature in Western Europe. The tradition of Welsh poetry encompasses heroic deeds, loss and lament, romantic love and the beauties of the natural world in patterns of fascinating complexity, and Welsh stories are some of the earliest in which King Arthur appears. Scotland’s Gaelic folklore tradition is considered to be the ‘finest flower of Western Europe’. With courses on topics as diverse as Celtic Saints and The Hero of Irish Myth and Saga, we have courses for every interest in the Celtic world.  Department Website